Our story

Designers and artists at the forefront of the stage

FlyToFlea is the platform where you can discover artists and designers and learn everything about their ateliers, their inspirations and their work.
We discover for you designers and artists, we share the passion that animates them and makes their work unique. It is this passion that we convey to you through the e-Flea online experience.
For each designer or artist we promote, you will find all you need to know on one page we dedicate to him. Our short documentary movies will take you to the intimity of his atelier, our articles will inform you about his inspirations and, finally, you can purchase the best of his work. We call it the e-Flea experience.
Through our approach, we encourage artistic collaboration and contribute to the conservation of artistic heritage. Joining our platform is free for our artists.

The founders


the arts & crafts Globtrotter

Born in Russia and raised in Morocco from 6 to 17 Years old. Samir moved to France 14 years ago to study engineering in applied mathematics. He developed since childhood a passion for travels and discoveries of new cultures.
Since then this passion of discoveries brought him to amny countries in the five continents. Discovering Alpaca weaving techniques in Peru or the time he spent in jewelry in Rajasthan are examples of the best travel experiences he has. The will to always discover nex artistic disciplines, new crafts making techniques has always been the main reason for his travels.
After spending 7 years working as a project manager and business developer in multinational companies, Samir decided to use the experience he acquired to follow his passion : Design, arts and crafts.
Samir founded FlyToFlea and is fully dedicated to its development. During the little time left, you can see him restoring antics in the ateliers of the main parisian antics market : Saint-Ouen flea market.

the eye behind the camera

Lea's family has been dealing with arts and crafts since decades. Since childhood, she has been a part of the family business in restoring, curating and selling antics and art pieces in France and Italy.
Her passion for cinema and photography guided her towards studies in documentary movies making in one of the best parisian specialized universities (ESRA).
In the last years, Léa has been restoring antic furniture and chandeliers for the main antic dealer in Syndey - Australia (Conley & Co). Once back in France, she held the position of decoration consutant on several projects.
Léa conveys to you her offbeat point of view by selecting the best in design, crafts and art on FlyToFlea.com. She is also the director of some of our short documentary movies. Through her movies, you will discover another way to see fascinating creations and the artists behind them.

Our values

Designers and artists at the forefront of the stage

Through the contenu we produce, our ambition is that every product we ship to you conveys a fragment of its designer or artist.
FlyToFlea is the platform where designers and artists share their passion, their inspirations and their work.
Our artists and designers are the essence of our concept.

Ethics and transparency : Slow made / Fair price

Being a part of our platform is free for all designers and artists. By doing so and through the content we create, we contribute to the conservation of artistic heritage.
By promoting our artists and selling their products, we allow them to fully dedicate themselves to their work.
On FlyToFlea, you learn everything about the products you buy, their origin, the inspiraton of the artist and the materials he used.

Passion et transmission

More than an e-shopping platform, the e-Flea experience tells you everything about the artist and his work. In this experience, the creative process is as important as its purpose. Through our content, we convey to you the research, the gesture, the practice, the transmission and the appropriation which are part of the products we sell.

Nos valeurs

Partage et mise en valeur des créateurs

A travers nos contenus originaux, notre ambition est que chaque objet expédié par FlyToFlea emporte avec lui un fragment de l’univers du créateur.
FlyToFlea est une tribune, unique en son genre, permettant aux créateurs de partager leur passion, leur savoir-faire et leurs œuvres.
Nos créateurs et leurs travail sont le sujet central et unique du contenu de FlyToFlea.

Ethique et transparence : Slow made / Fair price

Nous contribuons à la conservation des métiers d’art en offrant, gratuitement, à nos créateurs une visibilité mondiale et en acheminant leurs produits chez vous.
Nos services sont gratuits pour les créateurs. Ainsi, nos créateurs disposent du vrai luxe de notre siècle : Créer des objets uniques, prendre le temps du geste juste, donner forme au savoir-faire et l’inscrire dans le temps...
Nos contenus vous permettent de connaître avec certitude la provenance de nos produits, le processus et le lieu de leur fabrication et surtout, les femmes et les hommes qui ont rendu tout cela possible.

Passion et transmission

A l’instar du e-shopping impersonnel, FlyToFlea propose de vivre une expérience de découverte et d'acahat singulière. Dans cette expérience, le processus de création est aussi important que sa finalité. A travers notre contenu, nous vous transmettons la recherche, le geste, la pratique, la transmission et l’appropriation qui font partie de l’objet que nous proposons.