Véronique Durruty
Photography in the interstice between dream and reality

"An artist is just a bridge between dream and reality" - Pierre Paul Marchini - Contemporary French abstract painter

Véronique's work takes place in an interstice between dream and reality. Her photographs place us in a hypnagogic state* where the subject is only a medium to the expression of a sensation. This sensation, similar to this diffuse imprint left by the dreams that we forget once awake, gives room for imagination and interpretation.

For Veronique, the immediacy of traditional analog cameras is a way to print in her photographs these instinctive and ephemeral sensations she’s experiencing while camera’s trigger sounds. In the same way that the subject in front of the camera, these sensations go beyond the present moment to become tangible and trigger 1001 posthumous interpretations.

To set her instinct free and express her creative spontaneity, Veronique needs to travel. She does the rational part of her projects in Paris. Indeed, she thinks, analyzes, builds and plans them. When her trips start, imbued with this preparatory work, she feels released and explores a wide range of sensations. Sensations which turn into inspirations she expresses through her photographs.

The omnipresent blurs in Veronique's work would be then a metaphor for the crystallization of our memories.  This crystallization gives the reminiscence of sensations the fantasized poetic dimension of dreams. Definitively, through her work, Veronique takes us to an interstice between dream and reality.

In fact, Veronique goes beyond this antagonism between dream and reality, her photographs take us somewhere between memories, dreams, reality and sensations. A magical place that we never want to leave ...

Written by Samir Belasri for FlyToFlea

* Hypnagogic state: A particular state of consciousness intermediate between sleep and awakness that we experience during the first phase of sleep: falling asleep. (Source: Wikipedia)

Among all her fabulous work, we have chosen to show you photographs from the HORSESVISIONS exhibition that took place in Paris in 2015, a poetic tribute. This exhibition has been a poetic tribute to Patti Smith. The discovery of Patti Smith's album Horses had a great influence on Veronique’s when she was a teenager. In this series of photos, the emotion exacerbated by the naive sensitivity of adolescence mixes up with the singular sensations experienced during the travels during when the photographs were taken.

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