Maëlenn Le Clainche
Ceramics alchemist

The quest for spontaneity in artistic creation has shaped Maëlenn's artistic approach.

See materials turn into designs, see these designs being colored with enamels, the random behavior of enamels that make each piece unique ... Ceramic and enamels perfectly match the quest of Maëlenn.

After completing her studies in restoration of ceramic artworks, Maëlenn discovered the satisfaction of the artist who witnesses his imagined designs turning into objects under the action of his hands. The discovery of the lathe, used by ceramists, during an internship in a ceramics workshop in Belleville has ended to forge her conviction to direct towards creation.

Strong of this conviction, Maëlenn obtained a DMA (diploma of crafts) in ceramics in Antibes. Ceramic techniques had no secrets for her anymore.

From her charming atelier in Belleville neighborhood (Paris), Maëlenn designs her range of ceramic tableware. Minimalism and gracious lines characterize the work of Maëlenn. A hint of Japanese inspirations gives her pieces a relaxing effect when seen or used.

Maëlenn collaborates with Blondine Hamon, a designer trained in the techniques of Kintsugi (Japanese ancestral know-how of vegetable lacquer) in Kyoto. Together, they design special and unique pieces allying ceramics and Kintsugi techniques. Blondine extends the life of broken ceramic pieces using Japanese Kintsugi technique.

When practicing Kintsugi, a multitude of layers of vegetable lacquer and drying periods are necessary to achieve the expected result. This technique rehabilitates the value of time to produce better, work better and consume better. It opposes the principle of programmed durability to the widespread model of planned obsolescence.

Written by Samir Belasri

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