Clément Demarson
Designer - Woodturner

Diving in the depths, Hell or Heaven, does it matter?
In the depths of the unknown, to find something new!

Clement loves freedom. The last time he left his parisian atelier was to go to Mongolia. The wind, the rain, the earth, the fire of the camps, all the elements are united in the ocean of the steppes. He knows that he owes everything to nature, playing with its materials is his job.

In this immensity of emptiness, he can set his imagination free. Despite his respect for the tradition, he would rather experiment new combinations of materials, of unexpected colors, to surprise us. Graduated in Bronze turning from the prestigious Boulle university in Paris, he masters all materials needed to fulfill his ambition. His mastery allows him to go beyond rules. The unpredictable and capricious character of wood makes it his favorite material. The wood is a living material. He knows that mutual respect is key when it comes to dealing with it. This respect gives to his work all its depth and strength. Wood is his ally, his mate. Wood can't be cheated.

For Clement, designing a new object is a quest, a discovery. To surprise us, he must first surprise himself. He never stops exploring new techniques and inspirations. From luminaires to luxury watches, his scope of interests broadens day after day. A satellite picture of Paris by night inspired the design of his first masterpiece. Through this piece, Clement reminds us the tangible ties between the miscroscopic and the macrocosmic. The complex construction of a watch is indeed a fascinating metaphore of these celestial ties which links harmoniously all its small components.

Through his work, Clement explores this harmony between disparate elements. This quest shapes his designer's approach while inventing new objects. For Clement, "knowing why we do things matters more than doing them".

Written by Vincent De Fontbrune.

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