Caroline Scholl
Interior atmosphere designer

A flame flickers, a fragrance emerges. It fills the room and invites to travel, to daydream.

Caroline's scented candles are marked by a slow notion of time. Through a passionate exploration of various craft techniques, Caroline uses this time to design her creations. Her fascination for the embers and steam characterizing the workshops of glassblowers and blacksmiths is sincere. The mix of smells in the workshops of wax masters and perfumers inspires her. Caroline's collections of precious objects are the conclusion of a dialogue taking place between these craftsmanships.

Noble materials are the ingredients of this measured and patient alchemy. In this alchemy, the glass turns to a heavy cauldron or fragile candle jar fogged with a discrete mist. The metal is forged in bracelet or fine timbale and dazzles us with a sparkle specific to copper, gold or silver. The pallor of vegetable wax and its wick of cotton are contained in the case of glass or metal. The emerging scented fragrances tell us, through odorous notes, forgotten stories. The wake of musk, orange blossom, iris or jasmine unfold mental images: the exhilaration of a night party, the melancholy of faded roses, the tranquility of a fluffy cocoon ...

The golden butterfly drawn on the gilded surface of Caroline's candle jar (Photophore) embodies the take-off of our imagination and the metamorphosis which characterizes Caroline's work.

The mark of the butterfly is everywhere, the beauty hidden by velvet wings, when "guessed in an obscure place, in a diffuse light (...), arouses inexpressible resonances" *.

In the evening, spoil yourself with a secret moment evocative of ancient rituals. A moment to admire the mysterious smile of the flame in the dim light. A moment to get exhilarated through an olfactory journey full of evocative images. Finally, a moment to appreciate, by weighing the candle, "the feeling of gravity (...), of the warm tepidness on your palm"*.

Written by Julie-Amadéa Pluriel

Translated from French by Samir Belasri

* quotations taken from The Praise of Tanisaki Junichiro's Shadow

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