Bruno Livrelli
Jewelry designer - Paris

Born in Paris, France, BRUNO LIVRELLI has been designing and making jewelry and art objects since the early 90s. A graduate from Ecole Boulle, the prestigious art school in Paris, Bruno has fine-tuned his craftsmanship of jewelry making which his work is known for.

In 1992, Bruno opened Galerie Aurus, a contemporary jewelry gallery, in Paris. The gallery promoted and showcased international jewelers featuring their one-of-a-kind works and limited productions. He also promoted their work in Canada and United States.

After the closing of his gallery in 2003, Bruno worked as a manager for the boutique of the Parisian jeweler Philippe Tournaire in Place Vendome before joining the studio of costume jeweler Philippe Grand in 2006, where he designed and created jewelry for the haute couture and ready-to-wear industry.

Since 2010 Bruno has been focusing on designing and making his own eclectic collections. He created his own line Bruno Paris in 2012. Bruno’s jewelry incorporates natural seashells juxtaposed with semi-precious stones or rhinestones. He sometimes adds secret details, like gemstones, or an antique cameo, set in unlikely places. He prefers to make one-of-a-kind or limited edition pieces because of the elements he uses and, because it allows him creative freedom at the same time. His exquisite style is born from the way he merges his contemporary designs with classical elements.

Written by FC Prodhon

Translated fro French by Stella Chan

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